Reducing Waste in The Home
As earth day approaches (April 22), it’s time to consider ways in which we can protect our home - our planet. One of the biggest issues we face as Canadians is waste. Let’s look at how we can reduce our dependence on wasteful products and keep our garbage from piling up. Learn More
Cancer Awareness Month
The bright yellow daffodil pin is a sure sign of spring. It is also a symbol of strength and courage in the fight against cancer. Learn about the important work the Canadian Cancer Society does with funds raised during Daffodil Month. Learn More
Protecting Your Home During the Spring Thaw
Who doesn’t pine for those days when the sun comes out, melting any proof of a long, cold winter? It means warmer days are just around the corner. But the spring thaw –welcome as it is – is also putting your property at risk. Here are some tips on preventing meltwater from damaging your home. Learn More
How to Research Before You Buy
You’ve heard the phrase “buyer beware”. It’s a good thing to keep in mind when you’re making a major purchase. Sometimes even products from trusted brands can fail to meet customer expectations. Researching a product first will give you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice – and save you time, money and frustration. Learn More
How to Be a Good Sport When it Comes to Your Kids' Sports
Poor parental behaviour on the sidelines is hurting young players and diluting some of life’s most valuable lessons. It’s time to give the game back and help budding athletes rediscover the love of the sport. Learn More