Hail Damage - When the Sky is Falling
If you live in Western Canada, and particularly in Alberta, you know the threat of hail damage is real. Hailstorms may be short, but they have the potential to wreak havoc on whatever is in their path. Your best protection is sufficient insurance. Do you have enough to cover your assets before the next hailstorm strikes? Learn More
Driven to Distraction - National Road Safety Week
Distracted driving puts everyone at risk – drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. During National Road Safety Week, Canadian drivers are asked to be aware of distracted driving and to do your part to keep our roads safe. Learn More
Purchasing a Farm
Thinking of buying a farm? It probably comes as no surprise that there are many things to consider when making a purchase of this size. We touch on some of the more important elements required to plant the seeds of your farming success. Learn More
Motorcycle Safety Tips
Yearning to take your motorcycle out on the highway? When the snow is finally gone and the open road calls, make sure you have the skills and knowledge to stay safe, and the right coverage for worry-free riding. Learn More
How the Carbon Tax Affects Canadian Farmers
Few industries are as concerned about the climate as farmers are. Why then are Canadian farmers opposed to the government’s plan to put a price on carbon pollution as a means to reduce emissions, promote cleaner technologies and combat climate change? Learn More