Title Insurance

When you buy a home, you are buying the title to the property. Having a good title to your property is important as it is a means of protecting your ownership rights which will ensure you are able to sell your property in the future or obtain financing such as a mortgage.

Title Insurance differs from other forms of insurance in that you pay a one-time premium and there is no deductible. As well, title insurance covers most legal expenses related to restoring your title which means that you do not have to deal with the added stress of defending yourself.
Title Insurance protects your ownership of the property and protects you against the following:
  • Fraud – fraudulently registered mortgages against your title.
  • Survey defects – un-marketability as a result of defects that would have been disclosed on an up-to-date survey.
  • Encroachments – a structure built by an adjoining owner onto your property.
  • Zoning infractions – should a property not meet municipal zoning requirements.
  • Many more defects that could affect your ability to sell your property in the future.
We are committed to providing you with a competitive price, the best coverage, a fair assessment of your claim and, not to mention, peace of mind.