What Our Customers Say About Us

“As a follow-up to our insurance claim, which is finally complete as of today, I wanted to let you know that everything from beginning to end has been a good experience, considering having part of our home torn apart is pretty uncomfortable, combined with contractors coming and going. We had Glenn Hansen as an adjustor and Certified Restoration Ltd as the general contractor. Their main contractor (Lou) did the majority of the work and he was the best! Super conscientious, knowledgeable and went way beyond what a normal contractor would have done to make sure the job was done right and always left the site tidy and clean. It was really appreciated. Western Financial Group gets a thumbs up on this one.”  

Theresa & Allan Rogers, High River, AB
“Sylvain’s father passed away on April 2, 2010 and we found this out when we tried to draw the monthly premium. The bank came back with “deceased.” The Claims Dept. was notified and we searched the internet to find out when Mr. Farly died. Yvette found the Obit and we called his son, Sylvain to advise that his father had a Life Ins. policy with us and he and his sister were beneficiaries.
Sylvain was impressed that we found him and not the other way around. He wanted to let us know that his grandfather was with Federated insurance way back and had a claim on his property/casualty that was paid by Federated without incident/very easy to deal with. Sylvain’s father remained with Federated as his father had told him it was a good honest company to deal with. Therefore all three generations remained with Federated/Western. By calling him about his father was another testament of the type of insurance company we are (Federated/Western) caring, honest and an easy company to deal with. It was very “nice” to receive such a great compliment for our efforts in trying to help our clients in their time of need.“
Diane Johnson, Winnipeg, MB
“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Western Financial Insurance. When BCLCA first advised that Western Financial was selected as the Insurance Company of choice, we contacted our broker. Not unlike most small businesses we thought we already had the “best deal available.” She sure proved us wrong; well worth the call. The first year Western saved us about 20 percent and provided a bit more coverage than we were receiving even after adding a few options that we did not have covered.
Now that they have their foot in the door, of course, we were expecting the big increase for year two. As the renewal approached Lisa called and advised that she was changing carriers for our home insurance to save us a couple hundred dollars. The call was unprovoked and really unexpected; an insurance Company that works for their customers. We have never had this happen before. Our broker is very professional and honest and we really believe she is looking after our best interests.”
Merv & Kim Harvey, Kelowna, BC
“It is not often one is offered or seizes the opportunity to say “thank you” to those who provide us with customer service that is over and above the call of duty. Our family receives nothing but superior service from the staff of Western Financial Group in Vegreville, Alberta. The staff is always eager to assist us with all of our insurance needs and requests. Calls and visits to the office are responded to promptly, in a courteous and professional manner and always with a smile and enthusiasm that makes my husband, our four children, and I feel welcome, secure, and that our business is appreciated by Western Financial Group and its representatives at the Vegreville office. 
Auto, home, and farm insurance are managed for all of us by the Vegreville office. We know we are getting the best possible value for our premiums. More importantly, we know that when the need arises to utilize our various insurance coverages, the ladies will be there providing assurance, comfort and speedy, common sense support and resolution to our concerns. It is a continued pleasure to do business with Western Financial Group in Vegreville.”
Wanda Dinwoodie, Vegreville, AB
“Prompt courteous service that goes the extra mile at a reasonable price.”
Robert Coppock, Vegreville, AB
“I just wanted to drop a note to let you know what awesome service I received at your office - my broker helped me with claim I wanted to complete on behalf of my Mother. Wow, I gave her the estimate and that same afternoon I received a call from SGI. I received a call from the adjuster the next morning - I can’t believe the speed. 
My broker has helped me with a couple of things in the last few months and I just wanted her to be recognized on her great knowledge, caring attitude and customer care. Please pass on the bouquet. You have a lovely building and great staff who are all very caring and knowledgeable, you should be proud of being a great leader. Thank you for the excellent service. “
Marie Krauss, Assiniboia, Sask. 
“I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the incomparable customer service that I receive at Western Financial Group in Lac La Biche. I have never been given such care and compassion from an insurance broker when I call in or walk through the door with whatever concern or change that I have regarding my commercial or personal automobile policies.

My broker is not only outstanding, but committed to ensuring that I have been well looked after in every aspect. I appreciate how she goes that extra mile continuously and her acute leadership is admirable, bar none. I have never had such peace of mind as I do now with her dealing directly with my insurance policies.
She has gone to many lengths to simplify the complete mess that my insurance policies once were and make certain that my best interests do not get overlooked. She respects her customers equally as clients, and as friends making me feel secure and comfortable. Thank you for your remarkable work!”
Kind Regards,
Melanie Castor, Lac La Biche, AB
“Thank you so much for everything you have done. I have no issue at all paying half the deductible as I do understand the position Wawanesa is in, I just didn't want this to affect my driving record or my premiums. Again, I really, really appreciate that you took this on for me. Thank you so much!”
Nicole Uhrich, Clive, AB
“My current insurance broker/agent and her office have been for a number of years.  She has always been thorough, conscientious and dedicated. In recent months I have asked more of her, due to a not-at-fault vehicle accident I experienced over the May 2010 long weekend. My requests for additional support relative to my claim were consistently met with encouragement, understanding and cooperation. She is one of the reasons I continue to do business with Western Financial Group in Spruce Grove.”
Patricia Carle, Spruce Grove, AB
“Our company has been insured with our broker at Western Financial Group for over 10 years. We have experienced exceptional customer service. Our representative is knowledgeable, professional and promptly responds to our concerns and needs. We have and will continue to recommend our broker to our friends, relatives and business associates.”
Larry & Kim Kedra, Spruce Grove, AB
“We started out with just personal insurance, and then began our business. Our broker has been there through it all. She is on our team, providing us with fast, friendly and reliable service. We couldn't have done it without her.”
Korene Wapple, Spruce Grove, AB
“Western Financial Group in Edson insures our business and personal property. They are professional, honest, trustworthy and shop the market each year to get us the best coverage for the best premium. Our loyalty is with Western Financial Group and their qualified staff and has been since 1978, because they care about their community and the people in their community.”
Lee Roy Lonsberry, Edson, AB
“We are sending you this note about the service we received from our broker at Western Financial Group South, Medicine Hat. Our claim was concerning items we had in storage at a local storage facility. The items were put in storage while we were in the process of moving from our present home into a newly purchased home. The storage facility was decimated in the recent floods that struck Medicine Hat. Every unit in the facility was rented out and everyone lost everything they had stored at the facility due to sewer backup.
She sent in our claim, the appraiser spent approx. 3 hrs on our case and the claim was denied as it was initially stated that we were a few days over the 30 day limit of our policy. She refused to accept this and went to work on our behalf. I know Anna had many claims larger than ours to work on but she always took the time to answer our calls and questions and never gave up. After approximately 2 weeks of constant effort by our broker, our claim was accepted and we will be paid for our loss.
We also really appreciated the fact that the Manager took the time to personally write a memo on our behalf and to go to bat for his clients. It seems in life we never find out how good a service or product is until something goes wrong…we are extremely happy and impressed from the service we received from Western Financial Group South.”
Cam and Joanne Ens, Medicine Hat, AB
“Latigo Trucking Ltd. has been dealing with our broker since 1994. Her work is greatly appreciated and I must say that we have had ample opportunities to seek coverage from other agents. We find that the level of trust increased in time and that the efforts of our broker and staff in monitoring the industry and providing the coverage we need an asset. Our needs have changed and with the diligence we receive from our broker we have no interest in comparing rates at this time. Our insurance is explained professionally and matters are dealt with in a timely manner. Questions regarding coverage, modifying coverage, or for that matter simple day to day questions in general are handled in such a manner that we don’t need to re-approach concerns. We feel we have an excellent relationship with our broker and staff and wish to continue.”
Yours truly, 
Murray Wozniak, Brooks, AB
"Exceptional, phenomenal, and beyond expectations. My broker’s knowledge of insurance that make's the best sense for the individual farmer is also very impressive."
Chad Doerksen, Assiniboia, Sask.