$100,000 5-Year Term Life Insurance






There’s a new kind of Term Life Insurance program in the West, brought to you exclusively by Western Life and Western Financial Group. You can create an online account on our secure site and apply instantly. Click the "Apply Now" button to go to the website. 

“This is one of the best value term insurance products in the industry. Within 3 months of its launch, almost 50% of our Western Financial Group employees bought it. It’s that good!” - Scott Tannas, President and CEO of Western Financial Group

We call this product The lifeFoundation because it is designed to serve as the foundation to your family’s financial future. Whether you are newly married, starting a family, buying a house, or just planning for the future, The lifeFoundation’s $100,000 tax-free cash benefit is the perfect foundation for your Financial Services portfolio.

We want you to have great coverage at the lowest possible cost – as low as $7.65 per month. Your renewal premium will stay low and age appropriate with no medical exam required – ever, all the way to age 85. With most other term policies, a premium increase at renewal could be as high as 50%; the only way to avoid this is to re-qualify for a lower premium by taking a medical exam.
We’ve included the option to convert the full $100,000 benefit from The lifeFoundation to a permanent insurance program, so you can have the coverage all the way to age 100.

We will guarantee a full refund if you inspect the policy in the first 10 days and decide it isn’t right for you; and you have the added bonus of being 100% protected while you’re deciding.

Applying is easy! You choose the option that suits you!

Call our toll-free number to apply over the phone.
Our knowledgable staff are happy to answer any of your questions.
You can drop by your local Western Financial Group office.
Click the VISIT button to find the office nearest you.
You can print the application, complete it, and mail it to us.
Click the DOWNLOAD button to obtain the application form now.
However you choose to apply for The lifeFoundation $100,000 5-Year Term Life program, please do so soon, so you can ensure a financially stable future for your family.
Questions? Click on the ? button for a complete list of FAQs on The lifeFoundation.

*Please note: If you're a Western Financial Group employee, please refer to Qwest for enrollment instructions.