Training & Education

A key component to providing great service to our customers is having well-trained employees. Career paths and ongoing training programs for all staff is a tremendous benefit that Western Financial Group offices receive.

Western Financial Group has a dedicated Learning & Development team within the Human Resources Department that offers employees a broad range of courses in a number of areas including classroom training, online computer training and interactive distance learning through a satellite television system.
By operating in rural, and often remote, locations across Western Canada we face many geographical, technical and economic challenges when attempting to train our over 1,500 employees.  In order to overcome these challenges the company has invested in an interactive distance learning tool that allows us to deliver real time training and communications to all offices from Pender Island, BC to Thompson, Manitoba. Using satellite television technology we have nicknamed “West TV” we are able to transmit live training programs from a television studio built in our head office in High River out to the televisions and satellite dishes that we have installed in each of our branches.