Mobile Home Insurance

What is it?

Mobile home insurance protects your mobile home in much the same way a typical homeowner policy does, with some differences. It provides coverage for:

  • The structure of the home like the walls and roof should they be damaged 
  • Structures on the property that are separate from your home like a small shed should they become damaged
  • Your belongings and personal property whether they are stolen or damaged while inside your home or outside your home
  • Liability protection in case someone is hurt on your property and launches legal action against you

Why you might need it

  • You own a mobile home
  • Repairing your home or replacing personal possessions would cause financial hardship for you
  • You want protection should you be faced with a lawsuit due to someone being injured on your property

What you need to know                      

  • There is optional coverage available for your mobile home that includes emergency removal expense and transportation coverage should you need to move your mobile home.

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