Guiding Principles


Truth is the foundation of our business.

We believe that frank, accurate and honest communication is in everyone’s best interest. 

As important as facts are, truthfulness goes beyond the basic facts. It’s about details, accuracy and explaining things in a way that makes understanding them easy.


We are advocates for our customers and the trusted representatives for our suppliers. 

Our credibility rests on our determination to see that every customer, co-worker and supplier is properly looked after. And this never comes at the expense of integrity.


We believe that nobody owes us a living.

What we do must be of value. Delivering the minimum is easy, but we strive to be the best we can be by going above and beyond. 

Our skills and knowledge must generate meaningful, positive results for our customers and shareholders.


We place our faith in long-term relationships, through thick and thin. 

We support our communities. 

Behaving honestly and faithfully in times of both good and bad is the essence of loyalty. And this encompasses loyalty to each other, our company well-being, our customers and our communities.