Western Financial Group represents over 30 Canadian deposit institutions, making us the natural choice for finding the best rate available for both registered and non-registered GICs.

  • Non-redeemable GICs – A contract with a fixed term that allows no changes or withdrawals during the term. 
  • Redeemable GICs – A contract with a fixed term that allows for withdrawals if required penalties are paid. 

We offer GICs, RSPs, RESPs, TFSAs and other investment options. Click here to view our Individual Non Registered GIC rates for the four western Provinces.

With over 30 financial institutions bidding for your business, we guarantee you the highest rate by matching or beating your local bank or credit union’s posted rate in town. If you secure a better GIC posted rate, we’ll pay you $50.
In addition to GICs, we also offer a guaranteed fixed rate RESP option.
Some of our financial institutions provide daily rate options and often pay a greater return than locking in for a longer term.
To find out more information about investments, contact your local Western Financial Group broker and ask to speak to their in house GIC designate.