Car & Truck Insurance

Whether you have a truck, van, SUV or car, you will be required, by law, to hold a minimum level of insurance. Each province has differing legal requirements and it is important that you secure the appropriate level of coverage for where you live.

Automobile Liability Insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners. Liability Insurance covers damage you may cause to another person’s property as well as bodily injury that may occur.
In some provinces, Collision or Upset Insurance is included with your provincial insurance plan, but in others, you will be required to purchase it separately. Collision or Upset Insurance protects the insured vehicle if it is struck or upset by another vehicle, rock or roadside object.
Western Financial Group also offers Comprehensive Insurance, which is not automatically included in some provinces. Comprehensive Insurance provides you with protection for damage to the insured vehicle from certain weather related incidents, fire, theft and vandalism.
Operating in the West (MB, SK, AB, BC) your Western Financial Group Broker will be familiar with the local laws governing auto insurance as well as the available enhancements to tailor your policy to your needs.
With your insurance policy, you will also receive our industry leading Best Service Guarantee, which includes competitive prices, coverage review, a guarantee of fairness and local, professional staff who care. We make it our mission to earn the privilege of handling your insurance needs.
Some areas to discuss with your broker when considering which coverage is most suitable for you are:
  • Accident forgiveness (not available in all provinces).
  • Higher deductibles.
  • Increased liability coverage limits.
  • Loss of use coverage.
  • New car, no depreciation waiver.
  • Rental car insurance coverage.
  • Specialized glass coverage (not available in all provinces).
We are committed to providing you with a competitive price, the best coverage, a fair assessment of your claim and, not to mention, peace of mind.
Claims & Emergencies

We know accidents and emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. To make a claim after hours, call our toll free emergency claims phone line at 1-877-599-7299. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive your calls. It is our promise that one of our brokers will contact you on the next business day.

If you have a claim during regular business hours, call your local Western Financial Group broker.