Best Service Guarantee

Expect more from us

• Expect us to earn the privilege of handling your insurance.

• Expect a set of actions and principles that matter.

• Expect us to add real value to your insurance policy.

When you buy your auto, home and business insurance through a Western Financial Group office, you also buy our Best Service Guarantee.

1. Widest choice of Auto, Home and Business Insurance.

Western Financial Group places policies with over 125 insurance providers on behalf of its customers. No other competitor in our marketplace has such comprehensive insurance relationships. We employ modern technology to shop the market for our customers. We have agreements with many of Canada’s largest insurance companies that often provide our customers special coverage not included in traditional policies. All of these factors typically help customers get better coverage and better prices.

2. Smart people who care

• No competitor in our marketplace spends more on training and education than Western Financial Group.

• Not only do we spend the most on education and training, we work creatively to get the most from our investment, which means the customer gets the maximum benefit.

• In our industry, we are recognized as pioneers of internet learning and video-conference seminars. Our employees regularly attend internal and industry annual conventions and specialty training seminars.

• Most of our staff both work and live in their communities.

• The majority of our staff are shareholders in the company, which provides additional incentive to make sure our customers are happy and well served.

3. Annual review of your auto, home and business policy.

Home and Auto: Our CARE guarantee (Comprehensive Account Review & Evaluation) is our commitment ensuring our personal insurance customer accounts get regular and consistent attention. We are the first in our industry to provide this guarantee. Our competitors might imply that they provide a similar standard of service, but they won’t guarantee it.

Discounts: We will review your auto and residential policy every year for any possible discounts that you are eligible to receive such as age, claims free, multi-policy, mortgage-free and alarm discounts. If a discount has been applied it will be noted in your renewal letter.

Keeping up your coverage and limits: Call us. We will meet to review your needs and make recommendations to improve your coverage and limits at a time convenient to you. Your annual letter may feature a coverage that you do not currently have and may want to consider.

Keeping your costs down: We will review your policy rates annually and we guarantee that we will complete an open market price comparison on your policy every three years and provide our recommendations to you. Business and Farm Our business and farm clients are also provided with an assurance of service and attention that can be measured, through a customized Commercial Account Service & Evaluation (CASE) Plan that is developed with each individual customer.

Basic account service plan: We will find a commercial package that gives you maximum coverage for your business.

Enhanced account service plan: We will complete a risk analysis checklist with you every two years.

Complex account service plan: We will complete a comprehensive review and risk analysis checklist annually in your office every year.

4. Fairness on claims settlements

No one in our business offers a better claims response program:

• We provide a toll free 24/7 emergency claims phone line.

• We include our Fairness Guarantee – an unprecedented commitment to see our customers’ claims are handled fairly. The result is that Western Financial Group customers are protected by the most comprehensive claims service.


Our industry leading service guarantee features everything IPSOS Reid’s extensive 2006 Survey found that Western Canadians want the most. (See full results at At the heart of No Worries© is our Best Service Guarantee. We guarantee you the widest selection for a competitive rate, annual coverage review, smart, well-trained local people who care, and a fair claim.

Fairness Guarantee

At Western Financial Group, one of our most important guiding principles is fairness. We are advocates for our customers and trusted representatives for our insurance suppliers. Our credibility rests on our determination to see that everyone is treated fairly. As one of Canada’s largest brokers, we are very selective in the insurance companies we represent. We deal only with companies that, in our view, have both financial strength and sound organizational structure. Our insurance providers are organizations with the utmost integrity, and would not deliberately deal in bad faith with a customer. However, sometimes disagreements arise. We believe it is our job to assist in bringing the claim to a fair conclusion. Sometimes, this requires us to take a stand. As a customer of Western Financial Group you will receive support toward the fair settlement of your claim:

Consultation and review

If you do not believe you have been offered fair compensation ask us for a review of your claim. We will provide you with our assessment including advice as to how you might re-address the situation with the insurer.

Action and advocacy

If after you have attempted to re-address the claim, and are still not satisfied, we can provide you with a firm opinion on the fairness of the settlement proposed by the insurer. If we believe your concerns are valid, we will deal with the insurer on your behalf until we have a settlement we believe is fair. Through a unique arrangement exclusive to Western Financial Group, we will bring forward claims issues to the CEO level with the insurers we represent. Conversely, if we believe you have been dealt with fairly, we will tell you. Frank, accurate and honest communication to insurers and customers is always in everyone’s best interest.